Help - My Furnace Is Out

Help -My Air Conditioning Is Out

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Sometimes it’s as simple as a preventative maintenance service call, other times it’s a race for an air conditioning unit in the heat of July or a replacement furnace when there’s no heat on a January day.  Wisconsin weather brings extreme temperatures to your home's heating and cooling system it is important to work with an HVAC contractor that is experienced and knowledgable. In addition to our fine service, we provide installation of furnace and air conditioning units. If followed by regular maintenance your investment will last for years to come.

No matter the situation, KWD is here to help. When you need a furnace or air conditioning service near me
– Call KWD Heating & Cooling  262-337-1761

As a result of my 30+ years of experience – I’ve been the air conditioning technician, heating and cooling solutions specialist, and ductwork design consultant that homeowners have chosen to work with for their service needs.

Meet Kris

KWD = Kris W. Droegkamp.  An independent heating and cooling company. 

Just like his father before him, Kris decided there was a better way and started his own company, KWD Heating & Cooling in 2016.   Therefore for 30+ years, Kris has held to his family tradition of honest service.

Let me bring my 30+ years of service experience to your home or business.  I would be honored to be your HVAC technician and go-to problem solver.

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Service contracts with our valued customers guarantee timely attention to equipment so its ready before the demands of the season

Service contracts save money over time. Costly off-hour repairs can be avoided.

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